I do not fear stormy seas,
for I have learned to sail my boat.


Our Mission

Our aim is to meet each student’s unique developmental, behavioural, and emotional needs as well as help develop his or her cognitive abilities through the development of a firm foundation of skills.


Our Vision

To enable children to become adults who have a positive school experience and healthy relationships. We encourage the children to have good self esteem and a strong sense of self. We help them become Independent thinkers and problem solvers so they are prepared emotionally, socially, behaviourally, academically, and vocationally to live successful and happy lives.

David Cameron: Parents should be taught how to control children.

Learning best ways to respond to bad behaviour is only part of the solution.

Scientists discover new structures in the body and brain.

Lymphatic vessels function as the pathway for immune cells to move through the body to fight infection and disease.