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The CGC Team

The culture at CGC is unique, developed over 22 years by extraordinary people. Teachers, therapists, classroom assistants, chefs, cleaners  and office staff work together to provide the best environment in which the students can thrive. These individuals are selected through a rigorous hiring practise and given continual training. Expectations are high and can only be met by individuals who possess kindness, commitment, and respect for children. 





Kindness can be learned, and it is a lesson taught best through modelling.  At Chelsea Group we think of this curriculum of basic and necessary emotional skills as the foundation. It is fundamental to all other learning, particularly for the young child. Teachers enable the students to learn in a happy and secure environment through their kind and compassionate treatment. They help the students develop the ability to imagine what another person is experiencing. Kindness and compassion require, first awareness, then action, and is, indisputably, one of the most important qualities of any teacher and essential in special needs.




A teacher’s commitment to his or her students is the cornerstone of good practice. The stakes are high; the future happiness and success of a child.  At Chelsea Group we hire individuals for whom teaching is a calling, not merely a job. If asked to imagine another profession, our staff would find it difficult to find meaning in any other endeavour.




The connection between student and teacher is one of the most meaningful and to be effective must be nurtured in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Being respectful is the most effective way to teach respectful behaviour. In the classroom, for teacher and student, respect can be, first, a performance, then, hopefully, an attitude.  We perform in listening to another, being polite in exchanges and responses, and exercising control over any negative attitudes resulting from differences of opinions. Where Kindness or Compassion may falter, respect can mitigate hostilities and enable civilised relationships.